Waterloo Mayor Attends U.S. Conference of Mayors' 91st Annual Meeting

Mayors engaging with top federal officials on challenges including public safety, climate, state preemption, affordable housing and mental health.

Starting on Friday, June 2, the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) is hosting its 91st Annual Meeting in Columbus, Ohio, bringing together a bipartisan group of hundreds of mayors from across the country.

Mayor Quentin Hart of Waterloo, Iowa is joining the annual gathering, this year in Columbus, which provides an opportunity for mayors to collaborate, share best practices and engage with top federal officials on the issues most important to cities like Waterloo.

The Meeting will focus on implementation of recently enacted laws that provide significant funding opportunities for American cities and addressing challenges like gun violence and mental health. Mayors will also consider and vote on policy resolutions guiding the Conference’s activities for the next year.

“Getting a chance to share all the incredible things happening in the City of Waterloo on a national stage is a unique opportunity to both shed light on the economic development and quality of life improvements here and engage at the federal level about innovate ways to secure funding to support them,” says Mayor Hart.