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American Eagle Regional JetThe Waterloo Regional Airport is Eastern Iowa's best-kept secret. The modern airport terminal building provides everything you would expect of a large airport but with the added benefit of convenience. It just takes minutes to get from the parking lot to check-in and through security.

The Waterloo Regional Airport is a non-hub, primary commercial service airport offering commercial, corporate, and general aviation services. For more information visit Waterloo Regional Airport's website.

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Waterloo Regional Airport Business Opportunities

Business Opportunity

WATERLOO, IA: The Waterloo Regional Airport, a Non-Hub Primary Commercial Service Airport, and a department of the City of Waterloo, with scheduled airline service to Chicago O’Hare International Airport on American Airlines, is requesting Letters of Interest from Nationally Branded Rental Car Operators.   

For additional information and to receive a copy of the future Concession Invitation and Agreement, with a Term of Five (5) Years beginning January 1, 2020, can be obtained by contacting Keith Kaspari, Airport Director, Waterloo Regional Airport, 2790 Livingston Lane, Waterloo, Iowa, 50703, 319-291-4483 or KEITH.KASPARI@WATERLOO-IA.ORG

Airport Web Address: https://flyalo.com/




An aggressive number of improvement and maintenance projects are taking place at the Waterloo Regional Airport during the summer construction season. Projects include improvements and repair to taxiways, runways, and the general aviation apron; improvements to a hanger; and the first phase of  improvements to the front of the building and parking features. The $4M in total projects are funded impart by Federal Aviation Administration and the Iowa Department of Transportation.

Taxiway Reconstruction -  This is a project that continues work from last fall when the project was suspended for the winter season.  This project will provide for the complete reconstruction of Taxiway Charlie.  This $2,100,000 project includes new concrete pavement, and energy efficient LED taxiway lighting fixtures. This project is underway right now and is scheduled for completion by August 1st.
(Croell Contracting Inc. of New Hampton, Iowa)

Runway Repair - This nearly $576,000 project, includes a repair of a runway joint on Waterloo’s Primary Runway (12/30), and the complete repainting of all FAA-approved airfield pavement markings. This project is underway right now and is scheduled for completion by August 31st.(Aspro, Inc. of Waterloo, Iowa)

Parking Lot Improvements –This nearly $205,000 project is Phase 1 of a multiple phased program for a significant improvement to the streetside area of the airline passenger terminal building, and includes the complete replacement of the current outdated and problematic parking lot ticket dispensers, and both pay station and exit equipment, allowing for a greatly enhanced and user-friendly experience for Waterloo’s airline passengers in addition to members of the general public.  (Parking Inc. dba Keck Parking of Des Moines, Iowa)

This new Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) will replace the antiquated mag-stripe style of tickets dispensed today, with more accurate bar-coded tickets. Additionally, a License Plate Recognition (LPR) system will be installed and programmed to automatically dispense tickets during the non-winter seasons – again, for the convenience of the parking lot user, while also providing an additional level of security of the vehicles for Airport Staff.

Additionally, two dedicated exits shall be included on the South Side of the Parking Lot, with a new entrance on the North Side of the lot, and a new entrance on the West Side of the lot.  Combined with new exit lane technology, will result in the Left Exit Lane dedicated for those parking lot patrons that desire to use Debit and Credit Cards only; and the Right Exit Lane, for use by those that wish to use Cash, Credit or Debit card forms of payment.

A wonderful benefit for those paying with Credit or Debit cards is such that the PARCS system never saves any credit card information, so it will be impossible to “Clone” the system by would-be hackers or thieves seeking personal credit-card information from our parking lot patrons.

For those frequent fliers located throughout the Cedar Valley, is the future issuance by the Airport Administration office of a proximity card for the ease of entry and exit from the parking lot – thereby allowing the passenger to never have to pay their parking fees via cash or electronic means, whereby the Airport Staff will invoice the parking lot patron at the end of the month.  This project is underway right now and is scheduled for completion by the end of June.

General Aviation Apron Pavement Reconstruction -
This project is set to bid soon and its estimated cost is approximately $500,000, with approximately 90% of the funding derived from the Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Improvement Program. This project will provide for the needed rehabilitation of a section of asphalt pavement dating back to 1984, with this location used for the parking of large charter aircraft commonly seen during the fall season, and needs extensive reconstruction. 

Aircraft Storage Hangar No: 4 - This project, totaling nearly $75,000, included the complete replacement of all windows for a building that dates back to the early 1960’s.  Additionally, this project replaced all of the inefficient florescent lighting fixtures in the aircraft hangar bay, to allow for a much enhanced use of energy efficient LED lighting fixtures to produce lower utility charges and costs to the hangar tenant. (Woodruff Construction, Waterloo)

The goal of this project was to continue overall hangar improvements, and is a continuation of work from Aircraft Storage Hangar No: 5, and will be a program to continue throughout all remaining large and small aircraft storage hangars at the airport.

This project, is funded by IDOT’s Office of Aviation at 100% via the Commercial Service Vertical Infrastructure (CSVI) program, and is in the administrative closeout process now, with final completion scheduled for the end of June. 


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Contact Information
Waterloo Regional Airport                       
2790 Livingston Lane
Waterloo, IA 50703
Phone: (319) 291-4483
Fax: (319) 291-4250
Email: info@flyalo.com

Keith D. Kaspari, MPA, C.M., Director of Aviation
2790 Livingston Lane, Waterloo, Iowa 50701
Office: 319-291-4483
Fax: 319-291-4250
Email: keith.kaspari@waterloo-ia.org

Sheila M. Combs
2790 Livingston Lane, Waterloo, Iowa 50701
Office: 319-291-4483
Fax: 319-291-4250
Email: sheila.combs@waterloo-ia.org