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Waterloo- A Smart City

Smart City

On Monday, April 17, 2023,  Honeywell Sustainable Cities presented the Smart City Strategic Action Plan to the city council during the work session.  You can view the pdf presentation here or watch the video below.

In October of 2022, Honeywell (NASDAQHON) and Accelerator for America announced the launch of the Honeywell Smart City Accelerator Program to help cities strategically plan their futures and build capacity to fund transformational initiatives. The cities were Cleveland, Louisville, Ky., Kansas City, Mo., San Diego, and Waterloo, Iowa.
Read the official announcement here.

Waterloo was chosen via an application process that looked at the cities’ leadership visions and data strategies and reviewed each city’s strategic plan, sustainability plan, climate plan, and operating and capital budgets. Working closely with city stakeholders, Honeywell will help create a four-track Smart City Strategic Plan for Waterloo that encompasses:

  • Track 1 – Smart City Vision: Identifies priorities and desired outcomes from a focused set of key stakeholders. It will include resiliency focused goals such as reducing operational costs, enhancing resident engagement, strengthening community resiliency, improving public safety and bridging the equity gap.
  • Track 2 – Operational Framework: Serves as a roadmap for managing and supporting smart city projects. It will help cities integrate new capabilities into current systems and processes, define associated KPIs and serve as an essential element for grant applications.
  • Track 3 – Project Definition: Defines high-impact projects and potential business models that can be implemented to achieve the goals defined in Track 1, including program statements, recommended solutions, high level solution requirements and expected benefits.
  • Track 4 – Smart City Project Plan: Identifies tasks and processes to help guide cities through project implementation as well as define overall smart cities governance structures.

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