Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Airport Keith Kaspari Director of Aviation (319)-291-4483
Animal Control Sandie Greco Animal Control Director (319)-883-0797
Building Inspections Greg Ahlhelm Building Official (319)-291-4319
Central Garage Randy Bennett Public Works Director (319)-291-4445
City Attorney Martin Petersen City Attorney (319)-291-4327
City Clerk Kelley Felchle City Clerk (319)-291-4323
Community Development Rudy Jones Community Development Director (319)-291-4429
Cultural & Arts Kent Shankle Cultural & Arts Director (319)-291-4490
Engineering Jamie Knutson City Engineer (319)-291-4312
Finance Department Michelle Weidner Chief Financial Officer (319)-291-4323
Fire Department Pat Treloar Chief of Fire Services (319)-291-4459
Housing Authority Julie Dawson Housing Authority Director (319)-233-0201
Human Rights Commission Abraham Funchess Human Rights Commission Director (319)-291-4441
Library Library Director (319)-291-4480
Leisure Services Paul Huting Leisure Services Director (319)-291-4370
Management Information Systems/CATV Chris Youngblut Management Information Systems/CATV Director (319)-291-4598
Mayor's Office Quentin Hart Mayor (319)-291-4301
Planning & Zoning Noel Anderson Planning & Zoning Director (319)-291-4366
Police Department Dr. Joel Fitzgerald, Sr. Police Chief (319)-291-4340
Sanitation Department Randy Bennett Public Works Director (319)-291-4455
Streets Department Randy Bennett Streets  Department Director (319)-291-4267
Traffic Operations Sandie Greco Traffic Operations Superintendent (319)-291-4440
Waste Management Services John LaPointe Interim Waste Management Services Director (319)-291-4553
Water Works Chad Coon Water Works General Manager (319)-232-6280
Human Resources Lance Dunn Human Resources Director (319)-291-4303
Communications Wendy Bowman Director (319)-291-4301