Community Vision

2030 Vision and Strategic Plan
Thousands of voices, comments, and conversations went into the formation of the Community 2030 Vision and Strategic Plan.  This set of recommendations, prepared by our consultants at deNovo are now ready for review and to begin moving forward.  These recommendation are a framework to help move Waterloo towards the next big thing for our community.  Not every item can or will be accomplished as outlined in the recommendations.  Some will develop into bigger and better projects. Others will change or diminish depending on the participation of partners, private developers, and available funding. 

You can download the 2030 Vision and Strategic Update 12-19-2022 here. 
You can download and read the 2030 Vision and Strategic Plan recommendations here.

SPARK WATERLOO was a free community event that brought people together to share stories and transformative ideas for the future of Waterloo. Why SPARK? Because one great idea leads to another. And when we share what is great about our community, the energy SPARKS bigger, better and more impactful conversations and actions. In this fast moving event, ten community members will share their story or idea in five minutes or less—and we guarantee applause! SPARK is part of the Community Vision 2030 planning process for the future of Waterloo.