Public Records Request

City of Waterloo Public Records Request Form

When making a request please be as specific as possible; include names, dates, document type, topic, resolution and ordinance numbers, project names, sent and/or received emails, key search words, etc.


Iowa Code Chapter 22 gives every citizen the right to examine public records and to copy those records unless the record is exempt according to provisions of said chapter.  The City of Waterloo staff should not be expected to abandon or neglect their regular duties to comply with record requests and thus need sufficient time to make and deliver any requested information.  If the requested material potentially contains confidential information or is otherwise exempt from disclosure, additional time may be required for review and possible redacting of the material. 
All requests will be processed in accordance with applicable procedures and rules.
Note: If a deposit is required, no work will begin on the request until a deposit of 50% of the estimated cost is received.