City Code Does Not Allow for the Operation of an ATV on City Streets

New Legislation effective July 1, 2022 (HF2130) made the operation of registered All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) and Off Road Utility Vehicles (ORV) legal in all of Iowa’s 99 counties with certain conditions. An ATV has handlebars, a seat that is straddled by the operator and three to six tires. An ORV has a bench type seat, steering wheel, and four to eight tires.

Under the new law the vehicles can be operated on most gravel roads in the state.  The vehicles can be operated on most paved undivided two lane county (secondary) roads in the state for limited purposes and for any purpose if allowed by the county. The vehicles can be operated on paved undivided two lane state (primary) highways for limited purposes such as travel to a county road.

The legislation does not legalize ATV and ORV operation on city streets.  The legislation leaves that decision to each municipality.

Waterloo city code does not allow for the operation of an ATV on city streets.  City code does allow for ORV operation for very limited purposes.  The city code governing ORV operation in the city is found at Title 6, Chapter 4 of the city code. A violation is a municipal infraction with a penalty of up to seven hundred and fifty dollars.

 Here is the link to the relevant city of Waterloo Code section:



For more information on the use of Off Road Utility Vehicles with-in the City limits, please contact Waterloo Police Department by calling 319-291-4340.