Mayor Hart Stresses Public Remain Vigilant  with Announcement of Limited Openings to Public Facilities

(Waterloo, IA) Based on the Governor’s metrics, Region Six, which includes Black Hawk County, has been downgraded from ten to nine on her point scale. Based on this data certain Waterloo public facilities will reopen to the public including golf courses, tennis courts and dog parks with the strict adherence to cleaning protocols, hygiene, and social distancing and recreational contact with household members only.

Meanwhile in Black Hawk County the threat level remains high as the number of positive cases continues to climb dramatically and is expected to continue to climb through the coming weeks as testing gets underway and the spread continues.

Mayor Hart stresses that residents must remain vigilant and continue to follow CDC recommend precautions.

  • Continue to be extremely vigilant about social distancing and frequent hand washing while we are in the surge of cases.  The structure of the virus is very susceptible to soap and disinfectants, so washing hands for 20 seconds will remove the virus from your hands. 
  • Wear a mask when you are out in public.
  • Do not gather with anyone other than those residing in your home. 
  • Do not go to stores if the trip is not essential for food or medicine.  Send only one person to the store;  leave others at home, especially children.  These measures protect you and the essential employees working at the stores. 

“This is no time to let down our guard or believe that we are moving back to normal.  We are in the midst of the battle, the eye of the storm. Our neighbors are suffering from the virus and its economic implications,” says Mayor Hart. “Please, use caution, compassion, and common sense.”