Healthy H2Loo

The City of Waterloo and many of our residents are committed to
Fitness, Food & FUN!
Healthy H2OLoo

Healthy H2O Loo is an integrative prevention and early intervention program derived from evidence-based practices; involving established programs (Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare’s Fruit & Veggie Voucher Program, Blue Zones School Wellness Programs). Obesity contributes to comorbidities including but not limited to asthma, high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, and health issues as an adult, and it negatively affects the overall quality of life. It is necessary to offer different intervention methods as well as include a wide range of community entities.

Healthy H20Loo logoEducation - Presenting information and access to healthy foods in the classroom

Integration – Using school gardens to produce and introduce foods as early in life as possible

Fitness - Including physical fitness in class time, every twenty minutes students have to move to a different station, incorporate jumping jacks or other activities in the day (studies have shown that physical activity [before school] is a beneficial behavioral health intervention strategy)

Outcome Objective:
  • Increase community engagement; community members, stakeholders, organization with universal messaging
  • Increase knowledge of early education of healthy behaviors, specifically increasing fruit/vegetable consumption and increase physical activity
  • Decrease BMI by 2% per year of enrollment in FVVP until healthy BMI is reached
HealthyWaterloo_logoWaterloo was presented with the 2021 Healthy HometownSM Powered by Wellmark Community Award during the Healthiest State Initiative Annual Awards presentation held virtually during a live Facebook event on Feb. 18, 2021. The award recognizes Waterloo for its accomplishments in health improvement initiatives within the community.


These healthy initiatives help make good health and well-being a reality for Waterloo residents.

bluzonslago2 Making the healthy choice, the easy choice. Waterloo was one of the first cities in the world to become a Certified Blue Zones Community and is part of the Cedar Valley Blue Zones Project.

  • Bike Friendly Waterloo  - Creating a fully integrated bicycle transportation system.
  • Cedar Valley SportsPlex  - Your premier fitness and recreation facility providing affordable, high-quality facility and programing that’s accessible to everyone.
  • Cedar Valley Trails  - Waterloo’s numerous recreational trails connect to the extensive regional trail system. Find your route to work, a work-out, or relaxation.
  • Mayor’s Fun Run -
    Three photos from the Mayor's Fun Run in downtown Waterloo:  Photo taken from above, shows approximately 17 students running down the center of the street in Waterloo. Long row of children wait their turn to give Mayor Hart a high five at the Riverloop Expo grounds.  Two students,a boy and a girl run into the expo grounds carrying a torch to kick off the fun fun.
     Approximately 1,000 fourth-grade students from Waterloo public and private schools participate in the Mayor’s Fun Run sponsored by the Waterloo Kiwanis Club through downtown Waterloo. The annual Fun Run stresses the importance of students being active and developing life-long. Students enjoy the challenge to beat the mayor to the finish line!
  • Mayor’s Walk –
    Residents are encouraged to hit the streets with co-workers, family, and friends and walk through downtown with the Mayor and city officials.
  • Waterloo’s Complete Streets Policy - The policy requires the city to design, build and maintain new or reconstructed roadways to be accessible and safe for all potential users, including vehicles as well as pedestrians and bicyclists. Added elements could include lighting, sidewalks, crosswalk improvements, bus shelters, wider travel lanes, shared-use lanes or bicycles lanes, among others. The policy also includes exceptions to complete streets design features, such as streets or  corridors where non-motorized traffic is not advised or when the cost of installation would be excessive.     Contact the Planning Department for more information.

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