Childhood Obesity Prevention

Waterloo was awarded $100,000 to support childhood obesity prevention programs from the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) during the organization’s 85th Winter Meeting in Washington, DC in January of 2017. The awards went to cities with outstanding programs that encourage healthy weight through balanced diet choices and regular physical activity.

Here are some of the ways   the award money was put to use:

  • Eight School Gardens
  • Seven Schools 'Pick A Better Snack' program  

Highland Elementary Gardens

Three photos: student uses a hand drill to build a wooden compost box while two adults supervise. Two wooden compost boxes sit on the lawn of Highland Elementary School. Five students use shovels to dig dirt for garden beds.

A special partnership was established with the Cedar Valley Makers to build raised beds and compost boxes.

Two photos: Girl dumps bin of dirt into garden, a boy with bucket waits his turn. Four students and three adults carefully place small vegitable plants in the dirt of a raised garden bed.

Students finished filling compost into raised beds, measured and marked areas in the beds, added signs that were made at the maker space, planted the grade level beds, and planted the tilled areas by the front fence!

They planted a Salsa garden, pizza garden, salad garden, chemistry garden, pumpkins, sunflowers, and corn.