Landlord Guidance

Understanding How to Start as a Landlord

Starting out as a landlord can be an exciting, yet intimidating career move for anyone considering or new to the profession. This section attempts to bridge the gap between knowing little about the profession to having the appropriate resources & tools to help anyone transitioning into this role.

Joining the Iowa Landlord Association
According to Andrew Lietzow, executive director of the Iowa Landlord Association, knowing landlord-tenant law, where to go for help, and how to work with tenants is critical.

One of the best steps new landlords can take is to join the Iowa Landlord Association Being surrounded by other landlords provides a network of people in the same profession who have been in the shoes of a beginning before.

Education is Key
Aside from associating with people in the same profession, education & experience are invaluable to adjusting to the job of property manager.

In 2019, Lee Rood of the Des Moines Register penned a primer for prospective landlords on what legal struggles could be expected & the general expectations of property managers. It serves as a great starting point for those considering the profession.

Expectations/Obligations for Landlords
In order to do a good job as a landlord & understand your duties, it's important to be aware of legal standards & obligations that exist for landlords to follow. Not only does this help landlords do a good job, but just as importantly will help tenants understand what is expected of them under their rental agreements.

The State Standard (562A)
Iowa Code 562A is the legal standard to which landlords and tenants are held to. Some of the most important topics covered include: landlord duties, landlord remedies, the ending of rental agreements, and rental deposits.

Summarizing and Understanding Landlord Duties
The Iowa State Bar Association offers a legal network where landlords can go to interpret the legal language & specificities of the code further. Iowa Legal Aid offers a summary of Iowa Code 562A. This summary covers the main points of the code without legal language, making it easier to digest.