Zoning Code and Maps

The City of Waterloo is zoned primarily into 3 categories:
Residential, Commercial, and Industrial.

"R" Residential Districts
The R Districts will range from the R-1 and R-2 Districts, which allow for one and two family residential, to the R-3 and R-4 Districts which allow for multiple family and professional offices. There is also an R-P District, which allows for flexibility in setbacks, and is further noted below.

"C" Commercial Districts
The C-1 and C-2 Districts allow for light and heavy commercial uses. The C-3 District is Downtown Waterloo, and has no setbacks requirements and no parking requirements, due to the density of development, and availability of other parking options (on-street, ramps, public parking lots, etc.). The C-P District is a planned district which allows for flexibility in setbacks, parking, etc. and is further noted below.

"M" Industrial Districts
The M-1 District allows for light industrial uses. The M-2 District is the heavy industrial uses. The M-P District is a planned district which is in place in many of the public and private industrial and business park areas. It allows for some flexibility in setbacks, etc.

Planned Districts
The Planned Districts are site plan specific districts put upon larger sites to allow for flexibility of setbacks, layout, etc. while also ensuring an appropriate design and layout of buildings, infrastructure, etc. The Planned Districts:

R-P: Professional offices and 10% commercial
M-P: Planned Industrial (professional office, more industrial and commercial uses)
C-P: Planned Commercial (professional offices, commercial)
B-P Business Park (professional offices, commercial, compatible light industrial)
S-1 Shopping Center District

View the current Zoning Map here.

View the current Zoning Ordinance here.