2023 Water Main Flushing Begins

The Waterloo Water Works asks the cooperation of all water customers this week, as they begin the 2023 water main flushing program. An area of the city will be selected for flushing each week and announced in advance on the city's website.

Click here to see the area being effected.

Customers living within the area and within several blocks of the flushing area could experience some discoloration.

The water may be a brownish color during and immediately after the flushing. Customers are urged not to plan washday on that Thursday if they live in the area of the flushing. The discolored water is bacterially safe. The discoloration is caused by the accumulation of minerals on the inside of the water mains. A periodic flushing cleans the mains and helps avoid discolored water problems during normal operation. 

For questions or concerns, please contact Ryan Mahahl,  Distribution Department Manager at 319-232-1962 or  RYAN.MANAHL@WATERLOO-IA.ORG