Trick or Treat set for Saturday, October 29

Mayor Hart and Mayor Green are pleased to announce that Waterloo and Cedar Falls will celebrate Trick-or-Treat Night on the evening of Saturday, October 29th, 2022 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

Trick-or-Treat Night will be the culmination of a new “Halloweek” in our two great cities, showcasing creative activities, imagination, and community spirit from Sunday, October 23 to Saturday, October 29. Stay tuned to social media for upcoming Cedar Valley activities.

After speaking with members of our collective communities, Mayor Hart and Mayor Green believe that this Saturday event will offer significant advantages over a weeknight event.
  • Saturday allows for less-rushed preparation for most working parents and guardians.
  •  Saturday allows for an earlier start time and end time, taking advantage of daylight for young children, while still allowing 1.5 hours of trick-or-treating at night for older and more adventurous kids (as sunset will be at 6pm).
  • Saturday gives more opportunities for Halloween-themed activities and parties throughout the day, both before and after the designated Trick-or-Treat time.
  •  Saturday means less distraction and disruption for children in school, as the 31st will fall on a school day this year.
Reaction from parents and teachers regarding the Saturday decision has been overwhelmingly positive; while some hesitation has been expressed by traditionalists, Mayor Hart and Mayor Green believe the pros far outweigh the cons for a Saturday Trick-or-Treat evening.

Mayor Hart and Mayor Green look forward to joining Cedar Valley residents for a safe, exciting, and memorable Halloweek and Trick-or-Treat night!