Waterloo Begins Mobile Food Business License Program

On August 16, 2021 the City of Waterloo adopted an ordinance establishing a Mobile Food Business licensing program.  The effective date of the ordinance was delayed until January 3, 2022, making this the first year a license will be required to operate a Mobile Food Business in Waterloo. 

The licensing program was adopted for the following reasons:

  • To document business plans for trash collection and proper disposal of cooking grease.
  • To review vending locations for adequate parking space and conformance to the City of Waterloo Zoning Ordinance.
  • To establish a fire safety inspection process for mobile food units with Class III and IV food service licenses and a site inspection for fire safety at special events held on city property.

The City of Waterloo website has additional information about the Mobile Food Business License program.  Some of the additional information includes a program guide and literature on fire safety and proper disposal of cooking grease.  On the home page of the city website, select the “How Do I…” section located in the upper right corner of the page.  The Mobile Food Business Application and Guide is also included with this letter.  The purpose of the guide is to explain the licensing process and help an applicant gather the information necessary to complete an application. 

Questions about the licensing process can be directed to the City Clerk’s Office at 319-291-4323 or clerk@waterloo-ia.org.