Water and Sewer Rates among lowest in Iowa

The Waterloo Water Works Board of Trustees is pleased to share the findings of the 2020 City of Ames Water and Waste Water Rate Survey.  The annual survey compares water and sewer rates in Iowa communities with a population above 10,000.  Waterloo’s combined water and sewer rates remain among the lowest for residents and businesses alike.

Waterloo residential rates are the second lowest in the State of Iowa based on 6 CCF which is 600 cubic feet (4,488 gallons). This is the average per month consumption across residential accounts in Waterloo.  Waterloo’s combined water and sewer rate for the average consumer was $40.89 per month in 2020.  The range low point was $39.36 and it topped out at $120.19. 

Waterloo commercial rates are the lowest among the State’s 10 largest comparable cities and third lowest overall based on 1000 CCF, or 100,000 cubic feet (748,000 gallons). This is the largest volume shown in this survey and most comparable to Waterloo’s industrial customers.

In addition to low rates based on volume, Waterloo’s Surcharge Rates for treating high strength industrial wastewater are very competitive. Industrial users often discharge wastewater, which because of is characteristics, require more costly treatment than that of normal strength wastewater. These extra treatment costs are referred to as Surcharge Rates. When compared to other large cities capable of treating high strength industrial waste Waterloo’s surcharge rates rank among the best in the State.

The Waterloo Water Works Board of Trustees, Waste Management Services and the Waterloo City Council continue to find ways to keep rates low and attractive for both businesses and residential uses, while continually investing in replacing and updating the infrastructure for the future.

“High quality, low cost water and sewer services give Waterloo a competitive advantage in attracting new residents and business alike,” says Mayor Quentin Hart. “These are critical assets to our community we should never take for granted.”

According to the City of Ames website, Ames has been conducting the survey for almost 20 years. 

Methodology and past surveys can be found at  https://www.cityofames.org/government/departments-divisions-i-z/water-pollution-control/rates-and-structure/annual-water-sewer-rate-survey-report

Questions regarding water rates may be directed to Chad Coon, Director Waterloo Waterworks by email to Chad.Coon@Waterloo-IA.org or by calling (319) 232-6280.

Questions regarding sewer rates may be directed to Randy Bennet, Director of Waterloo Public Works by email to Randy.Bennet@Waterloo-IA.org or by calling 319-291-4445