American Airlines Updates Flight Schedule

Recently, American Airlines provided notice to City and Airport officials regarding the flight schedule from Waterloo to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, effective Thursday, October 8th.

Airport officials are optimistic that passengers throughout the Greater Cedar Valley Region will support the service with a growing number of passengers, to not just support the continued operation of the new schedule, but also to provide renewed confidence to officials at American Airlines that Waterloo can support the flight schedule, as published, with the schedule as follows:

SCHEDULE EFFECTIVE DATES: October 8th thru November 2nd

Keith Kaspari, Airport Director at Waterloo Regional Airport, provided comment, “In this very difficult time for the airline industry, the return of Waterloo’s updated schedule is excellent news for the entire Cedar Valley Region for either business or leisure travel, as this schedule allows you to still conduct a full day’s business, thereby allowing passengers the ability to connect to their final destinations from Chicago to both East and West Coasts, Southern destinations, etc., so my many thanks to the schedule planners at American Airlines!”

Kaspari continued, “This new schedule, effective from Thursday, October 8th to November 2nd, allows significant flexibility for both the business and leisure passenger, and pending the date of departure and return leg, this schedule allows either an early or late afternoon departure from Waterloo, allowing the ability of ALO’s passenger to connect to destinations all across the U.S. from Chicago.”

In closing, Kaspari provided comment that airports of all sizes, and the airline industry are still only performing at an approximate 33% passenger load factor compared to pre-COVID passenger levels. “Therefore I look forward to Cedar Valley passengers supporting the service after multiple months of sheltering at home, yet still receiving outstanding fares via WWW.AA.COM, and now is the time to enjoy and take advantage of the many benefits that American’s extensive domestic network of cities provides to Cedar Valley Area passengers, in contrast with flying from other regional airports in Iowa, or larger airports in Minnesota, so that we can exceed the expectations of officials at American for their decision to eventually put the negative impacts to COVID-19 in our rear view mirror, and see the return of a full airline schedule back to ALO in 2021.”

For booking travel, contact American Airlines at 800-433-7300, or WWW.AA.COM, and be sure to arrive with your protective face mask, at least one-hour before your scheduled departure.