City of Waterloo, Iowa Request for Qualifications 2030 VISION PLAN

The City of Waterloo, Iowa is looking for proposals from qualified consultants to contract for consulting services to guide a Community Vision and Strategic Action Plan process for the City. Consultants are invited to submit a proposal, which includes an outline of their experience and qualifications in performing work directly related to the services required.

The consultant will propose a work plan to develop a Community Vision through representative public involvement and participation, articulating the community identifiers reinforcing pride points for residents and business alike.

The Community Vision should understand the whole community, reflect core community values, address emerging trends and issues, imagine a preferred future, and promote local action. The vision findings of this exercise will then be prioritized and added to a Strategic Action Plan.

The intent of the Strategic Plan is to help the City direct its efforts and resources toward a defined vision for the future. The plan should include benchmarks or milestones that measure the City's progress along the way.

The City needs to adopt a plan that the community accepts. The process should include both active and passive involvement ensuring diverse and extensive community participation.

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