Weed and Grass Trimming Season in Effect

Immediate Release: 4.13.2020
Contact: Wendy Bowman, Wendy.Bowman@Waterloo-IA.org

Weed and Grass Trimming Season in Effect

(Waterloo, IA) The City of Waterloo Code Enforcement Department reminds residents to keep foliage on their property maintained during the growing season beginning April 15, 2020 through Nov. 1, 2020. According the City Code 7-5B-2, weeds, vines, brush, grass, volunteer trees and noxious weeds must not exceed 8” inches on residential property with-in the city limits.

Volunteer trees, or trees that grow on their own, rather than being deliberately planted by the property owner, have been added to the code’s list of nuisance plants to be maintained by the property owner.

Code Enforcement officers will post a written notice at a property to notify owners when they are in violation and that the foliage needs to be trimmed to the recommended height or removed.  If the property is not in compliance in five days, the city abates the nuisance ( i.e. mows, cuts down weeds and trees, or hauls brush) at the property owner’s expense.  Instruction on how to appeal the bill is found on the written notice.

The City also reminds residents to keep grass clippings, litter and other organic material off the street in front of their property. 

“Proper maintenance of our yards helps keep rodents at bay, reduces damage to property, and helps create a more pleasant environment for everyone,” says Code Enforcement Officer Maria Downing. “It is both a matter of public safety and quality of life.”

More information about Waterloo city code and the Code Enforcement Department can be found on the city website www.CityofWaterlooIowa.com or by contacting Maria Downing at (319) 291-3820 or Maria.Downing@Waterloo-IA.org.