Waterloo Mayor Hart Declares State of Civil Emergency

Immediate Release: March 20, 2020
Contact: Wendy Bowman, Communications Director

Waterloo, IA -  Mayor Hart has declared a state of Civil Emergency in response to the confirmed case of Covid -19 case in Black Hawk County. Iowa law and city code grants Mayor Hart the power to declare a civil emergency when he determines a serious public danger exists.  It gives the mayor freedom to issue directives to protect the public and continue city operations that would ordinarily require tedious checks and balances to carryout.  This proclamation is in effect for 30 days unless the mayor issues a subsequent proclamation.  Any order or directive issued to the public under the proclamation is punishable as a misdemeanor. 

“The City has already closed or limited public access to city facilities,” says Kelley Felchle, Waterloo City Clerk. “As circumstances change, Mayor Hart will have the flexibility to issue further directives which require swift action to protect the public.”

The proclamation does the following:

  1. Declares that a civil emergency exists due to the presence of COVID-19 in Black Hawk County
  2. Directs the police and fire departments to enforce the proclamation and the proclamation issued by the governor.
  3. Reserves the right to issue subsequent proclamations and take all action granted by Iowa law and Waterloo City Code. 

The proclamation was read during a special session last evening in the Council Chambers at Waterloo City Hall.

For more information about the proclamation, contact Kelley Felchle, City Clerk by calling 319-291-4323 or Kelley.Felchle@Waterloo-IA.org.