Waterloo Crime Drops Again

Waterloo’s crime rate continues to trend down. The more serious group A offenses declined 8.1% from what was reported in 2016. This puts us at a point where our crime rate is the lowest it has been in decades.

“The Waterloo Police Department has implemented effective community policing strategies and we are a department of dedicated, hardworking professionals. We are going to further refine our strategies for 2018 to further effectively deal with a small group of individuals who are committing our most violent crimes.” Chief Trelka

Mayor Hart commented, “The numbers tell the story: Waterloo is a safe community where crime is low,” says Mayor Hart. “Our officers are continually working professionally and privately to make sure Waterloo is safe for everyone. Pro-active Public Safety is a continuous process of adapting, responding, and adjusting to what is happening in the culture. Some of what worked a few years ago no longer works today. We will continue to implement innovative solutions to make sure our offices are prepared and equipped for the next challenge. I am pleased with the results we are experiencing.”