City Proclamation Requests

City Proclamation Requests

The City of Waterloo is pleased to issue official proclamations throughout the year. Proclamations should have an apparent tie to Waterloo, which can include momentous accomplishments by residents, notable historical anniversaries, “Year of…” declarations, or other special commemorations of days, weeks, or months by Waterloo residents and/or organizations.

Proclamation exampleProclamations will be videotaped and aired on our website and/or social media platforms.  Proclamations shall not be read aloud during council meetings, in the interest of council meeting proficiency.  A photo opportunity in the Mayor’s Office, a site visit, and/or social media broadcast,  can be requested if scheduled in advance. The date/time and location shall be agreed upon by the requester and the Mayor's office. 

An official City Proclamation may be requested to commemorate:
  •  A special event
  • Anniversary
  • Other significant dates
Who can request a proclamation?
  • Businesses or Organizations that are based in Waterloo
  • Residents of the City of Waterloo
Requests must be e-mailed to by the 15th of each month prior to the desired proclamation date.

The following information will help you prepare your proclamation request: 
  • Requester Name (plus title/organizational affiliation as appropriate).
  • Requester Mailing and E-mail Address
  • Requester Telephone Number
  • Date of Need for Signed Proclamation
  • Draft Proclamation Wording (submitted in word form)
The first printed copy will be given to the organization at no cost.  If multiple printed copy is requested a cost of $10 for each copy will be assessed after the first given copy.  All payments are due before the additional proclamations are printed. 

The City of Waterloo reserves the right to accept or deny any proclamation request as well as edit proclamations for simplicity and conciseness, and will normally consult with the requester regarding any respectable changes.

If you have any questions, please contact the Mayor’s Office at 319-291-4301.

View past 2024 Proclamations on our YouTube page by clicking here or by following our City's Facebook page