Memorial Hall Members

Current board members:

Organization  Member  Term Expiration Date  Alternate Member  Term Expiration Date
 American Legion Post #730  Craig White  12/31/2023    
 American Legion Post #138  Mike Hudson 3/31/2024    
 Amvets At Large  Randall Miller   12/31/2023    
 Disabled American Veterans #11  Rodney Butz  12/31/2021    
 Veterans of Foreign Wars  Scott E. McDonald  3/31/2024    
 Sons of the Union Veterans Civil War At Large Mel Wittwer 12/31/2023    
 Retired Officers  Don Ticknor  12/31/2021    
 Rolling Thunder Iowa Chapter #1  Marilyn Robinson   12/31/2023  Angela Hickok  12/31/21
 Cedar Valley Civil War Roundtable  Frank McCaw  12/31/2021    
 UAW Veterans Committee  James Lentfer  03/31/2021    
At Large Member Mike Mrzlak 12/13/2023    
At-Large Member John Mrzlak 3/31/2021