Snow Emergencies

snow emerg

Please be patient and courteous with our crews and office staff as we strive to maintain the roads during snow and ice events.

Those with concerns are encouraged to use the “Report a Problem” form on the city website  or call the Street Department at 319-291- 4267.

When the City of Waterloo declares a Snow Emergency residents are encouraged to move cars off streets to allow snow removal crews to clear city streets. The 48-hour parking violation will be enforced. Snow routes are in effect for a prescribed period of time.

Snow will be removed from priority and emergency streets first. Residential streets are cleared only after receiving three inches of snow.

Public Works Department uses every possible means to remove snow in a timely manner. Employees work up to 16 hours at a time. Overtime and union restrictions apply. Vehicles equipped with snow plowing equipment is refitted for snow removal operations in the downtown.  

Businesses and residents of downtown are given notice of snow removal. All vehicles must be moved from street-side parking to allow for efficient and effective clean-up. Free parking is available in ramps in NON-RESERVED SPOTS ONLY for the prescribed time. Downtown businesses and residents appraised of changes through the media and Main Street Waterloo office.

Enforcement of parking meters in downtown maybe suspended for street parking during the snow emergency.

Leisure Services is responsible for snow removal at many City owned properties (657A homes) and the parking lots at Young Arena and Sportsplex.

For Businesses: The City of Waterloo reminds all area businesses and property owners about transferring of snow/ice from a private property onto public property in the city. The transferred snow/ice often freezes and as the city plows attempt to do their best to clear the streets, coming in contact with the transferred snow/ice can cause damage to equipment and possibly injury to the plow driver .
If you are notified of transferring of snow by Code Enforcement, you may be required to remove it, place it back on your property, or haul it away.

Please remind all of your contractors/workers that are in charge of plowing that they cannot transfer the snow to city streets or property.

A second offense of transferring of snow/ice could result in a $200 fine and the cost removal of the snow. Do not plow the snow into the street, block a sidewalk, or onto any city location that has been designated to remove the snow by trucks.