City Limits Urban Revitalization Area (CLURA) Waterloo, IA
Department of Planning and Zoning
Key Phone Numbers:
Building Inspectors 319-291-4319
Planning and Zoning 319-291-4366
Community Development 319-291-4429
Black Hawk County Assessor 319-833-3006

What is "Tax Abatement"?

What is a "qualified improvement" for CLURA?

Are there other requirements for CLURA tax abatement?

What does "residentially assessed" mean?

What does "commercially assessed" mean?

What kinds of "improvements" increase the assessed value?

Does $1 spent on work = $1 of increased assessed value?

What areas of Waterloo qualify for CLURA tax abatement?

Who will determine if my property will receive the CLURA tax abatement?

Is money available to make improvements?

If qualified improvements are made, how do I get tax abatement?

How do you apply?

Who applies?

How often do I need to apply?

Why would an application be denied?

Can property taxes be eliminated using tax abatement?

Will my taxes increase if I use tax abatement?

If I think my assessment is too high, what can I do?

Why did the City Council designate a part of the City for tax abatement?

Do I have to make improvements?

CLURA Abatement Schedules