River Drive Improvements

River Drive Improvements

River Drive has a long tradition of being a critical connection between downtown Waterloo and the Cedar River.  Traditionally, it served as a key transportation route for John Deere, focused solely on the movement of vehicles in and out.  As uses have changed and development along the Cedar River has taken place, the City of Waterloo is looking to improve the use of River Road to include green space and trail improvements alongside River Road that will not only improve its use, but also compliment the development alongside River Road, including the Marina and a drop point for those using the whitewater course.

Proposed River RoadThe improvements along River Road will also include a matching investment from Deere Corporation. John Deere has committed to working to improve River Road with the investment from the City of Waterloo to help continue to drive redevelopment along the area.

Proposed River Road 2

This includes adding retaining wall, improving soil and grass, and removing concrete and structures along the road. Their total investment in improvements along River Road total $1,000,000.

Proposed River Road 3