San Marnan Drive

FY 2023 Reconstruction Project
San Marnan Drive

This project will be broken into 3 stages.

On Tuesday, September 19th, we will be transitioning into Stage 3
Stage 3 San Mrnan
Stage 3 includes reconstruction of the westbound lanes from Hawkeye Road to Hammond Avenue.
During this stage the following traffic movements/restrictions will apply:
  • Eastbound E. San Maman Dr. and westbound E. San Marnan Dr- one lane traffic will be head to head in the eastbound lanes
  • Westbound E. San Marnan Dr. - will be restricted to one lane only with NO left turns at Hawkeye Road
  • Northbound Hawkeye Road - NO northbound Hawkeye Road to westbound E. SAN MARNAN DR. will be allowed, only northbound Hawkeye Road to eastbound E. San Marnan Dr. will be allowed

San Marnan Drive 2