Project Merit Criteria

Overview: Alignment with State and Regional Plans

This crucial initiative strongly aligns with the overarching goals outlined in the 2021 Iowa State Rail Plan. This study reflects the Iowa DOT’s commitment to enhancing rail
transportation safety, efficiency, and connectivity throughout the state. By relocating the downtown railyard and improving railroad crossings in Waterloo, this project directly contributes to the Plan’s objective of reducing congestion and enhancing the flow of freight rail traffic. Additionally, it prioritizes safety, a core focus of the State Rail Plan, aligns with a goal of the Black Hawk County MPO’s 2045 Long-Range Transportation Plan to improve the safety of the transportation system, and aligns with the U.S. DOT’s National Safety Performance Measures.
Below is a list of Project Merit Criteria. 

Equity and Environmental Justice, Justice40


Facility Suitability

Equitable Development

Community Engagement, Stewardship, and Partnerships

Climate and Environment

Workforce Development and Economic Opportunity