LaPorte/Hess Road Project

LaPorte / Hess Road Reconstruction Project

La PorteThe City of Waterloo is conducting a study of the Hess and LaPorte Road corridors from just north of the Shaulis Road intersection to Hawthorne Avenue.  See below for a link to a map of the project location.   The study will initially analyze the traffic and safety of this 2.7 mile corridor to develop various alternatives.  All the alternatives developed will include improvements to safely handle traffic and reduce congestion.  Also included will be accommodations for pedestrian, bicyclists and mass transit as well as corridor enhancements.  These alternatives will then be reviewed to compare impacts to neighboring properties and the environment.  
La Porte Road grant
On Tuesday, August 9th, 2022  Waterloo was granted $20.5 million from the Critical Road Projects in the Infrastructure Law. You can read the grant application here. 

View the January 31, 2022 Reconstruction Update here. 

Project Location Map:  The project location map shows the location of the study corridor.

Virtual Public Information Meeting
As part of the study, the City of Waterloo is held an online virtual public information meeting which provides information regarding the corridor, an outline of the study, possible alternatives and a schedule for the project.  You can review what was presented below. 
  • Virtual Slide Show Presentation Link:  This is a video file of the slideshow with an audio narrative.
    Click here to view video.
  • Slide Show Presentation in PDF:  This is the slide show which can be viewed without the voiceover. 
    View Presentation
  • Project Display Map:  This is a detailed aerial of the project corridor.

To view the information on Facebook visit:

Estimated Timeline:

  • La Porte Road from Shaulis Road to Bopp St. will be let Winter 2023/2024 with construction in 2024.
  • La Porte Road from Plymouth Avenue to Hwy 218 will begin construction in September 2025.
  • La Porte Road from Bopp Street to Plymouth Avenue will begin construction in September 2026.
  • Total completion is expected by June 2029.

Project Contact:
Jamie Knutson, PE, City Engineer
715 Mulberry Street
Waterloo, IA 50703