Current Sidewalk Inspection

The Engineering Department reviews and inspects public sidewalks on a twelve-year cycle as required by City Ordinance 5622, (Title 7, Chapter 2, Article A). The City is divided into twelve zones and one zone is inspected each year. By City Ordinance, abutting property owners are required to maintain and repair public sidewalks. Abutting property owners will be notified in writing if they have defective sidewalk to repair. The City funds repairs at corners, alleys, and other public properties. Recreation trails are also inspected on this twelve-year cycle by zone. This year's zone map can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Maintenance and repair of public sidewalks is not only important to the appearance and value of property, but also helps protect the property owner and the City from liability for public injury that may occur on improperly maintained sidewalk.

In 2021, the City of Waterloo began working with GIS partner Pro-West & Associates and created a GIS based application that lets city staff in the field record the sidewalks they are inspecting.  This new system has increased the accuracy, efficiency and eliminated opportunities for human error for the city of Waterloo staff.  You can read more about this program and case study here. 

FY 2023 Sidewalk Repair Assessment Program Zone 2

This project is generally located in an area bounded by: Highway 63- University Ave-Washington St. - West 6th St.- Williston Avenue- Campbell Avenue- Moir St.

View the Repair Plat Location here.

View the Project Specifications here.