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When the city of Waterloo is presented with new projects, CSAC helps to review the project to help recommend enhancements that accommodate and encourage travel by by use  walking. CSAC is also working on establishing a dedicated funding source for sidewalk maintenance.

Here are some of the projects the committee has and/or continues to work on.

  • The Church Row Project
    • Combined with the effort to create the Church Row neighborhood plan, a course in the University of Iowa's School of Planning & Public Affairs assessed the walkability and accessibility of the Church Row neighborhood, particularly focusing issues of equity that include safety, access to employment and basic needs services, public transportation, parks and open space, and more. Click here to learn more.
  • LaPorte/Hess Road
  • Safe Routes to School
    • Safe Routes
    • The program involves working directly with public and parochial school students and parents throughout the INRCOG region on activities including bike rodeo events and walking school buses. 
  • University Avenue Enhancements
    • Provided input that added previously unidentified pedestrian connections
  • Mid-Block Crossing Light 
    • MidBlock
  • Way Finding Signage
    • Way Finding
  • Kimball Ave
  • Sidewalk Policy and Infill Project
    • CSAC works on prioritizing sidewalk construction and infill needs in high impact areas, where people are walking and where there are safety issues in Waterloo. Below are some of the completed projects.  
    • West Dale Street near Allen Hospital Dale
    • Esther St near G.W. Carver Academy
    • Esther 1   Esther 2
    • Ridgeway Ave/Bethel Street/Oleson Road near Kittrell Elementary E. Ridgeway Bethel Oleson
    • W. Park Lane near Hoover Middle and Lou Henry ElementaryPark